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Prideless, Copper Creek Beginnings, Book 1 Events of our past will shape our future, if we allow them to dominate our present.  The only way to have a happily ever after is to let go of the past and embrace the present.
March 29, 2019

Choosing Simon

Oz-Vegas Trilogy, Book 1
Don’t dream your life. Live your dream.

Nine years ago, Simon Maddox gave up everything when he chose to follow his own path over the one his wealthy parents planned for him. Following his dream was the best decision Simon ever made. Today he’s an award-winning pastry chef, internationally recognized for his intricately detailed creations that resemble art more than food.

Now if Miguel Garcia, the man he’d crushed on for years, would fall madly in love with him… Simon’s life would be perfect. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if that will ever happen.

Firefighter Miguel Garcia has a secret. Revealing his truth could cost Miguel his family’s love and the respect and loyalty of his co-workers. Are love and loyalty worth keeping if it means he must continue denying his attraction to a sexy pastry chef who always smells like chocolate?

Miguel has two choices: Live his life for others or choose Simon. He had a feeling the sexy man is worth the risk. All Miguel had to do was find the courage to take it before it’s too late.

Note: Choosing Simon is a sexy, low-angst, HEA male/male romance. It contains adult situations that may not be suitable for readers under 18.

Amazing book! Kasey truely knows how to keep my attention with her stories! Cant wait to see whats next! - Amazon Reviewer Amazon Customer

This was so good, I already can't wait to read Raven's book. I loved the close relationship between Simon, Jamie, and Raven, their banter had me laughing so hard. I enjoyed how Simon and Miguel meshed so well together, all of their angst was from outside and just brought them closer together. All in all a very enjoyable read and a great series opener.- Amazon Reviewer Joscelyn Smith

This is one of my favorite authors! She never disappoints! Choosing Simion is a beautiful written story of two people who love each other and how they find their way to be together. It is written with kindness and humor! She is able to show the angsts one has when faced with these life decision and the self power they gain when they don’t allow society to make the choices for them. I absolutely loved this book and the characters! I want to jump right in and be friends with them all! - Amazon Reviewer Cat Lou

Simon & Miguel are too cute for words and their story is a fun read. Love Simon's BFF'S, Raven & Jamie the diva (can't wait for his story). Lots of snark & LOL moments! - Amazon Reviewer Poppyseed
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Story Excerpt


Chloe glanced out the window. “Here they come. Oh, my,” she said as she fanned herself.

I turned my head. Yep, there they were. Nick and Miguel jogged down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. A few blocks up they’d cross at the light, make their way down our side, and stop in the shop for their morning caffeine fix and second breakfast before their shift started. Not that I had Chloe find out Miguel’s shift schedule or anything.

I sighed like a Disney princess with cartoon hearts in her eyes as I ogled Miguel. “Good lord that man looks good enough to eat.”

The shorts Miguel wore hit just above the knee and showed off his toned calves and perfectly round booty. His bubble butt was so luscious I wanted to take a bite out of it. His beautiful caramel hued skin glistened with sweat. He’d cut the sleeves off his t-shirt. His muscular arms flexed as he pumped them. I couldn’t help but lick my lips as I imagined how he’d taste. Salty. Manly. Divine.

His black hair was a little longer than he normally wore it. He’d needed a good trim for weeks. I secretly loved how it curled around his ears and at the nape. I itched to run my fingers through it. Miguel’s Oakley sunglasses hid what I knew were the sweetest chocolate eyes I’d ever seen. They were fringed by thick, dark lashes that I was sure made Jamie jealous as hell.

“I would love to see that man in action.” I hummed in lusty appreciation.

“You would love to see him naked,” Chloe countered with a cheeky grin.

“That too. I bet he looks like a god in his turnout gear.” I pictured Miguel bursting through the door, coat open showing off his bare chest. His skin covered in soot and sweat ready to throw me over his shoulder and carry me to safety. I shifted my weight when my pants became uncomfortably tight in the crotch. I hope Chloe didn’t ask me to do anything that required standing or walking A sure way to embarrass us both.

“Do you think your business partner would be pissed if we set a small controlled fire in the kitchen? I'll pay for the damage.”

“I don’t think we need to bother Maggie. I smell something burning already.” Chloe smirked. “Your boxers perhaps?”

“They’re boxer briefs. Thank you very much.” I sniffed.

“Why don’t you suck it up and ask him out?”

“Uh, because a gay man asking out a straight one never ends well?”

“You don’t know for a fact he is straight.”

“He dated that blond woman remember? She came in here with him that one time.”

“That was a couple of years ago. So, what if he’s dated women? Does that automatically mean he can’t like men too? Bi erasure much?”

“You’re right. Pigeonholing him like that wasn’t okay.” If Miguel would just give me a sign that he was interested. Unfortunately, every interaction we ever had indicated he wasn’t. He treated me with kindness, and we engaged in witty repartee when we crossed paths. We knew each other, but we didn’t know each other. I wasn’t really a stranger, but I wasn’t a friend either. I was basically lost in limbo and lighthearted banter.

I glanced up to see they were almost at the door. “Shit. Here they come.”

Not wanting to get caught ogling them even though it was no secret we did, Chloe jumped up and rushed behind the counter. I pulled out my phone and opened one of my many social media accounts acting like I didn’t notice them when they came in the shop.
Love without limits. Happily ever after... always.