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Catching Her Wolf

Shifters of Sanctuary 5

Release: October 30, 2018

Not everyone is Sanctuary is living their fated happily ever after. Not yet anyway.

Devon Stone joined the Marines at eighteen leaving behind his pack and too young mate to fulfill his dream. Once his service to his country was up, he fully intended to return to Sanctuary and claim Janelle. Now, it’s too late. Broken both inside and out, he’s no longer the boy she remembers. She wouldn’t want this new version of him. Angry. Jaded. Scarred.

Janelle “Janie” Harper has a reputation for being a flirt. Many assume she followed up her words with actions. They were wrong. Her heart has and always would belong to one wolf. She’s waited years for Devon to return home and claim her as he promised. Only that didn’t happen. Instead, he’s hidden himself away on his cousin Koda’s land and avoided her at all costs. She should move on, but how does one give up on the other half of their soul?

Devon and Janie have kept the fact that they are mates hidden from their families for years. When their connection is discovered, the Shifters of Sanctuary plot to bring the fated couple together by any means necessary.

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A Purrfect Gift of Fate
The Shifters of Sanctuary 4

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Danika Paulson thought she’d found her fairy tale. She thought wrong. Her marriage ended up being a living a nightmare with no chance of escape. Until, a stranger knocked on her door and offered her sanctuary. Danika gained her freedom and a new start for herself and her son, Jack. She vowed to never tie herself to another man, again. It wasn’t worth the risk. Racine Kingston, the new veterinarian at Ella's clinic, has her rethinking her stance on happily ever after. Could he really be
as perfect as he seemed?

Racine Kingston knows loneliness. He also knows finding his mate is the cure. However, after a lifetime of searching for the one woman meant for him, he figured the odds of finding her now were slim. Not every shifter is blessed with a gift of fate. When he heard about the position at Black River Clinic through the shifter gossip grapevine, Race jumped at the chance to leave L.A. He never imagined all he needed was a change of scenery in order to find his mate. All he had to do was convince the sweet, damaged woman to take a chance on him.

Danika's old life returns to Sanctuary and Race vows to protect her. When the past tries to reclaim her, it’s up to Race and the Shifters of Sanctuary to save one of their own.
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Love without limits. Happily ever after... always.