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Their Cajun Queen

Adult Excerpt

For adults 18 and older. If you are under 18 please exit this page.
Contains adult language and situations some may find offensive. 

© 2015 Kasey Belle All Rights Reserved.
That took the wind right out of Declan’s sails and his shoulders sagged.  “I’m sorry mate.  Yes, it is a wolf thing.  The thought of another man touching you makes my wolf angry and frankly pisses off the man in me, as well.  I know nothing inappropriate happened.  It is a beautiful tattoo.  Now let’s get back to that make-up making out that you mentioned.  It seems as though I have more to make up for.”
He waggled his eyebrows as he put his hands on the insides of her thighs and slowly inched them apart, until her bare mound was exposed.  “Damn, woman, you are full of surprises.”
“Yeah she is.  Look what I found.”  Cade said after he brushed her long curly tresses from her chest.  “I found the other mystery piercings.”
“Not all of them.”  Declan said as he flicked the barbell that pierced her hood making her gasp and moan.
“Wait, what?  Let me see.”  Cade leaned over.  “Oh, man you just keep getting more perfect.  A VCH.  Damn.”  Cade visibly swallowed then adjusted himself in his jeans.
“How do you know all this stuff?”  Declan asked.
“I am not just a pretty face.”  Cade winked at Fiona.  “Google is my friend.”
“No, Declan, before you even ask, Max didn’t do them.  My piercer is a woman.  I had these before I met Max.
“You did this for David?”
“I did them for me but, he liked them.  Does it bother you?”
“No love.  It would have bothered me if you had them but didn’t want them.  I will enjoy every minute of using them to bring you pleasure.  Now, no more talking, lie back, and just feel.”
“What about you?  Don’t you want to?  I mean I know I can’t-”
“This isn’t about us, this is about you.  We are men, not cubs.  Now hush.”  Declan commanded as he looked at her with hunger and lust in his eyes.
Declan lay on his stomach between her thighs, his wide shoulders opening her to him.  He used the tip of his finger to slide through her juices already leaking from her ready cunt.  He leaned in, buried his nose in her, and inhaled.
“By the fates you smell delicious, mate.  Let’s see if you taste as sweet as you smell, hmm?”  His tongue took a slow leisurely swipe from her hole to her clit.  He flicked the piercing with his tongue causing her pussy to tremor.  God, she was going to come and he hadn’t really done anything yet.  He slowly pushed his finger into her.  It felt huge as it filled her.  Her walls gripped his finger.  How would she ever take his cock?  It had been so long just a few strokes and she would fall.
Cade positioned himself on her left side and raised her arm over her head.  “Leave this there I don’t want to hurt your arm, understand?”
Beyond the ability to speak, she nodded.  He looked at her breasts and licked his lips.  Her nipples hardened at the sight.  He licked the underside of her breast, around her soft flesh, but not where she wanted his mouth the most.  He used his hand on her other breast.  His finger and thumb pinching her nipple and pulling on the ring that pierced it.  The constant stimulation caused her clit to tingle as if they were connected.  She had forgotten this.  What it felt like to be touched.  To have someone other than her own hand bring her pleasure.  Tears leaked from her eyes at the powerful emotions their touch invoked.  Cade put his mouth over her nipple, flicked the ring with his tongue, and then sucked it to the roof of his mouth.  She cried out.
Declan moved his finger in and out then pulled it from her causing her to growl in protest.  However, her disappointment didn’t last long when he replaced one finger with two.  He curled his fingers inside of her and brushed them along her sweet spot deep inside her cunt.  Cade pinched and pulled on her nipple at the same time he bit down lightly on the one in his mouth.  Declan grabbed her clit between his lips and battered it with his tongue.  He sawed his fingers in and out and she went over.  She screamed and moaned as Declan continued to feast on her.
He looked up from between her legs his mouth slick with her cum.  “You are so sweet and spicy.  You taste like sunshine.  I could feast on you for hours, my love.”  He used his fingers not still buried in her pussy to pull on her VCH.  “Look at your cunt contract and spill more cream for me.  You like that don’t you mate.”  He didn’t wait for her to answer.  He brought her quickly to a second orgasm before finally bringing her down.  Her legs fell open against the bed and he ran his hands up and down the insides of her thighs massaging her tired muscles.  Her body felt completely relaxed, her muscles limp.  She was completely sated.
Declan got off the bed and went to the bathroom.  She heard the water running and then she felt the bed dip.  A warm cloth between her legs had her pulling away.
“Stop, mate.  Let me clean you.  You made quite the mess.”  He teased.
She wondered if her face was as hot as it felt.  Judging by the amusement in his eyes it was.
He set the cloth on the night table and then both men climbed in next to her.  It was not lost on her that when she was between them she felt safe and whole.  Like the parts of her that had been missing, even when she was married to David, had been found. 
Like her missing puzzle pieces had been found, and they just had to be put in the right order.
Love is love. All forms are beautiful.