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Adult Excerpt​

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Contains adult language and situations some may find offensive. 

© 2015 Kasey Belle All Rights Reserved.
He unbuttoned her jeans, lowered the zipper, then gripped the waist, eased them over her hips, pulling them down her legs, and over her feet.  He tossed them on the chair in the corner.  She probably should have felt silly laying there completely clothed from the waist up and only a thong now covering her lower half.  The heated look in his eyes made her feel anything but silly.
He licked his lips as he gazed upon her lace-covered snatch.  He reached out with a finger and ran his finger along the top of her underwear.  “That is a very sexy color, doll.  You look very pretty in pink.  This little scrap of nothing has me wondering about your other pink things.”  He waggled his eyebrows making her giggle.
He toyed with the thin bands at her hips.  He flicked his eyes to hers.  “I’ll buy you another pair.”
He grasped the bands in his big strong hands and pulled.  The delicate fabric ripped easily from her body.  He tossed her ruined thong on top of her pants. 
“I loved those.”
“Sorry.  I couldn’t help it.”
She wanted to be mad really she did, those were her favorites.  The thought that he wanted her so much that he couldn’t take time to properly remove her underwear was heady stuff.  You can’t be mad at a man that wants you that much, besides he said he was going to buy her another pair.
He knelt on the floor, placed his hands between her knees, and opened her thighs.  He sucked in audible breath and she fought the urge to cover herself.
“Fuck, that’s sexy.”  He met her gaze.  “You’re bare, except for that very hot as fuck thin landing strip.”  He toyed with the trimmed hair at the top of her slit.  “You wax?”
She shook her head.  “It’s lasered.  I won’t ever have hair there.”
“Why did you do that?”
“I was a competitive swimmer in high school and college.  I actually got a scholarship for it.”  She could not believe she was having this conversation, now.  “Anyway, you have be ‘neat’ if you are always in a swim suit.  It was a pain in the ass to constantly shave and waxing hurts like a bitch, so Fiona suggested I laser.”
He mumbled.  “Thank you, Fiona.”
His gaze focused intently on her cunt.  He stroked and teased her bare lips with his fingers.  Then she felt him inserting a finger inside her.  He groaned.  “You are so tight and small.”  He moved forward, buried his nose in her mound, and inhaled.  “By the Fates you smell like heaven.  Let’s see how you taste.”
He took a long swipe from her opening to her clit and swirled her clit with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth.  She cried out.  He bit down lightly on her clit and brushed over a spot deep inside her and she detonated.  Bright light flashed behind her lids as the tidal wave crashed over her.  Max stoked her through her orgasm.  The pulses of ecstasy receded; she opened her eyes, and down looked between her legs at Max. 
She tastes like heaven, sweet and spicy at the same time.  He could feast on her for days.  She came hard when he sucked and nibbled her clit.  His balls were heavy and the tingling at the base of his spine threatened to send him over the edge.  He lapped at the come that spilled from her onto his hand.  He slowed his strokes and brought her down gently.  She opened her eyes and looked at him.  She was so fucking beautiful when she came.  He didn’t look away as he pulled his finger from her and sucked it into his mouth.  Her breath caught and lust filled her eyes as she watched him lick her come from his hand.  It made him want to make her come again, just to witness that reaction again.  He wouldn’t though.  He didn’t want her to be sore and he knew she would be if they kept going.  She was so damn tight and her hymen was still intact, playing anymore would defeat his original purpose.  He kissed his way up her body until his body blanketed hers.
He kissed her sharing her essence.  He put every desperate feeling he had for her and all the love he felt for her in that one kiss.  He clung to her lips tasting every corner of her mouth with his tongue.  She groaned then met his tongue thrust for thrust, making him groan and shutter with need.  He ground his hard cock against her exposed clit and she came again.  Damn she was responsive.  He stopped shy of coming in his pants like a teenager.
Love is love. All forms are beautiful.