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Adult Excerpt​

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Contains adult language and situations some may find offensive. 

Her eyes ran over his body.  She felt like a kid in a candy store, all those goodies in your face and no idea what you want first.  She looked at him and cocked an eyebrow.  “I don’t know where to start.  Where should I start?”

Jack caressed her hip.  Abby loved the feel of his calloused palm on her soft skin.  “I don’t care where you start.  Do what feels right to you, Abby.  There is no wrong way to go about it.  Wait, I take that back.  Teeth, is the wrong way, don’t use those.  I don’t mind a little scrape of those pearly whites against my skin, but biting is a definite no-no.”

“No biting, got it.  What about nibbling?  Is nibbling okay?”

“Jesus.  Sucking, licking, nibbling, trust me we like it all.”  He opened his legs, silently encouraging her to position herself between them, and she did.  She hummed her approval as she ran her hands from his knees to his chest.  He was so sexy and solid.

Abby leaned forward and licked his right nipple and he groaned.  She did the same to the other.  She placed an open mouth kiss to his sternum, then nibbled her way down to his belly button.  She licked around it causing his abdominal muscles to jump.  She snickered against his skin.  She licked and kissed her way to his hip, completely avoiding his cock.  Then she was there, her face hovering over his erection, her breath tickling his skin.  She peered up at him through her lashes.  He looked desperate and about two seconds from begging and pleading for her to stop ignoring his buddy and put her mouth on him where it fucking belonged.

 Abby never imagined the power in this act.  She like how strong and feminine she felt, knowing she did this to him, made him crazy with want and need.  

“Fuck.  Suck me, lick me, hell you fucking bite me, I don’t care, as long as you put your mouth on me.”

She smiled, then licked him from root to tip, taking the bead of pre-cum with her.  She closed her eyes and hummed her approval.

He was delicious.  Salty, tangy, and all Jack.


God, when she was feasting on him with her eyes, it took all his strength and will-power, to not grab her by the shoulders, flip her over, and bury himself deep inside her body.  He forced himself to link his fingers together behind his head before he did just that and ruined what was undoubtedly going to be the best blow job of his entire life.

The sight of her running her tongue over his cock, was fucking sexy as hell.  He had to touch her, now.  Jack slid his hand over the over the top of her head before burying his fingers in her hair.  He grabbed himself with his other hand, pointing the head towards her mouth.  He massaged her scalp with this finger tips.  “Suck it, baby,” he said gently.  

Abby opened her mouth, licked teasingly around the head, then closed her lips around him.  Sucking lightly as she slowly took him deeper, using her tongue on the underside of his cock, where he was most sensitive, on the way down.  

He fisted her hair and gently pressed her down, encouraging her to take him a little further.  She took him about halfway, pulled off, then did it again.  He removed his hand from around his cock.  “Wrap you hand around me baby.  Yeah, that’s it.  Now take me as deep as you can and use your hand for the rest.  Move it in time with your mouth.  Squeeze me a bit harder.  Fuck yeah, just like that.
You are a fucking natural, an oral goddess.”  

Abby chuckled around him, the vibrations tickling his balls.  

She didn’t seem to need any more encouragement from him, he removed his hand from her hair and braced himself on his elbows. He didn’t want to miss a minute. She fisted him tightly then took him deeper with her mouth, sucking harder than before.  Fuck. Yes.  He wanted to cry when she pulled her mouth from him until she ran her tongue from the underside of his head to his balls. She laved each orb before sucking them one by one into her mouth.  

“You are too good at this, baby.”  He clenched his teeth, his jaw so tight, he thought his teeth might shatter.  

Abby licked her way back to the tip.  She looked up at him shyly.  “I like how you taste, all spicy, and manly, and… Jack.”  She licked her lips.  “Mm, mm, good.”

His head fell back, and he groaned.  She was trying to kill him, by torturing him to death.  He was sure of it now.  Slowly loving his cock, saying shit like that, threatening to unman him, his Abby was a she-devil.  She took him into her mouth again and his hips bucked involuntarily.  She pulled back and took him deeper, until holy shit, her nose touched his skin and he felt her throat contract around the head of his cock.  No. Way.  Abby didn’t have a gag reflex.  How did he not know that?  A vivid image of her nose buried in his manscaped pubic hair, his balls touching her chin, and cock buried deep in her throat as he came flashed through his mind and had him ready to erupt.  

She had him moaning, groaning, and cursing, his hips moving in tandem with her mouth.  He was going to come.  He tried to pull her off, but she grabbed onto his hips and sucked him deep and hard.  She massaged his balls and swallowed around his cock.  Her throat closing around him, stole the last of his control.  His warning barely made it past his lips and he arched his hips, pushing himself deeper.  He began to come, she never stopped sucking and swallowing as he shot down her throat.  She looked up at him as she drank him down, her eyes glazed with passion and love.  Beyond the ability to speak, he ran his finger through her hair, using his touch to show her how special she was, and how much what she had done meant to him.  


She gently released him from her mouth and kissed the head of his softening cock as it sagged off to the side.  “I take it I did good?”

The incredulous look he gave her made Abby laugh.  “How can you even ask that?  That was undeniably the best I have ever had. Come here.”  He hooked his hands under arms and pulled her on top of him.  She tucked her head under his chin and he wrapped his arms around her.  He rolled them over until she was on her back and he was on top of her.  He rested on his elbows, careful to keep his weight off of her.  

“Thank you, baby.”  He lowered his head and kissed her.  Abby wondered if he could taste himself on her tongue.  She smiled at him when he finally released her lips.

“My pleasure.  Seriously, that was so awesome.  I’m gonna do that every chance I get. I hope you don’t mind.”
And, just like that, he was hard, again.  Yeah, she thought he’d be a hundred percent on board with that plan.  She was an oral goddess after all.  
Love is love. All forms are beautiful.